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When the temperatures outside rise, the inside of your car gets even hotter. There’s nothing like that cool blast from your car’s air conditioning system to make your drive bearable. But, if you want it working right, you should service your car’s air conditioning annually.

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Air conditioning

At Noosa Mechanical, we’ll check out your vehicle’s air conditioning system to spot potential problems before you need expensive repairs. We’ll talk to you about any problems that need to be fixed and offer our services at a competitive price. If you have a leaking system, we’ll take care of it right away. Knowingly leaking gas into the environment is illegal!

We provide the following services on all makes and models – including European cars:

• Regas
• Filters
• Compressors
• Condensers
• Evaporators
• Hoses
• Retrofits

We have over 20 years of mechanical experience to correctly diagnose the problem and make a reliable fix to your air conditioning system. We aim to make working with us a pleasant experience. We’ll work hard to ensure your satisfaction with any repairs we make.

Call us or bring your car into our Noosaville workshop today to get your air conditioning running as efficiently as possible.

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